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Camp Blount News

September 2023: Camp Blount Foundation Document

The Camp Blount Historic Site Association was recently awarded a grant from the Tennessee Wars Commission to complete a Foundation Document. This document, as the name suggests, serves as the foundation of a planning portfolio, the work of which will continue well into coming years. To inform the community about the document and its preparation, the Elk Valley Time recently published an article, which can be read online HERE. A committee of the Camp Blount Historic Site Association is working with a professional historian to complete the requirements set forth within the grant. Activities included in the document preparation process include data collection and stakeholder input gathered through special meetings and public engagement. The public is asked to keep an eye out for opportunities to participate and engage with the process in the weeks and months to come.

August 2022: Camp Blount Educational Pavilion Complete

Thanks to CBHSA fundraising efforts, membership support, and state/local funding, the new educational pavilion at Camp Blount is complete. The folks at Ernie Roles Construction, LLC executed the pavilion plans perfectly. A series of seven interpretive panels will soon be in place around the pavilion perimeter. This facility will offer amazing future opportunities for youth educational programs, Camp Blount events, and other endeavors. The CBHSA Board of Directors held the latest quarterly meeting under the pavilion (pictured below).


The CBHSA would like to note that the Camp Blount Historic Sits is owned by the State of Tennessee and managed through a cooperative agreement between the Tennessee Historical Commission and City of Fayetteville. Use of the pavilion carries restrictions and the facility is not open to unauthorized public use. Moreover, its use is intended for site-sponsored events, educational programs, and select other functions as approved by the city and state. To learn more or request use of the pavilion, please contact the City of Fayetteville Administrator. The CBHSA posses no authority to grant use of the pavilion for outside events.

April 22, 2021: Agriculture Class Supports Camp Blount Park

Students from Lincoln County High School are keeping the volunteer spirit alive at Camp Blount. The Agricultural Class, led by Julie Burnum, volunteered their time and efforts to maintaining the newly planted trees a the Camp Blount Historic Park in Fayetteville. These students worked together to install new irrigation lines to support the 116 eastern red cedar trees planted on March 13. The CBHSA sincerely appreciates the time and energy these young people invested in the park. Thank you! 

irrigation 1
irrigation 2
March 13, 2021: Volunteers Gather for Tree Planting at Camp Blount

The volunteer spirit was alive in Fayetteville as a small army gathered at the Camp Blount Historic Site to plant some 116 eastern red cedar trees around the park's perimeter behind Long John Silver's and Hardee's. Volunteers included CBHSA board members, Fayetteville High School football players, the Fayetteville High School Beta Club, Lincoln County High School basketball players, Riverside Christian Academy students, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and several local citizens. The CBHSA would like to express our deepest gratitude to these volunteers for all their help and support. Trees may be sponsored at a donation of $70 each. If anyone would like to participate in tree sponsorship, please send a check with sponsorship information to the CBHSA mailing address at P.O. Box 1422 Fayetteville, TN 37334. Or, if you live locally and would like to make a donation in person, please visit Randy Delap, CBHSA President, at the Register of Deeds office located inside the Lincoln County Courthouse.

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