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The Camp Blount Historic Site Association offers a variety of ways to join. Charter Membership commemorates those joining the association as founding members. Charter membership is available at three levels: General Jackson ($500), David Crockett ($300), and Samuel Houston ($200). This option, at all levels, provides lifetime membership, the CBHSA electronic newsletter, and inclusion on a forthcoming commemorative plaque at the Camp Blount park. Your chance to become a CBHSA Charter Member ends December 31, 2020. To become a CBHSA Charter Member, click the button below, print the membership application and mail to the address provided.




The CBHSA offers general membership at three levels: Individual ($10/year), Family ($20/year), and Lifetime ($100). All members receive the association newsletter electronically and an invitation to join quarterly meetings. General membership, including the Lifetime membership, does not include listing on the park plaque. To apply for CBHSA general membership, click below, complete the form, and mail to the address provided.

About the CBHSA

While the work of uncovering and revealing the stories and artifacts that create the historical significance of a site are interesting and necessary for proper preservation, this act alone is not enough. Sites such as Camp Blount, with enduring and disappearing history, deserve proper interpretation for the public good. As famed naturalist and cultural interpretation pioneer Freeman Tilden wrote, “naturalists, historians, archaeologists, and other specialists are engaged in the work of revealing, to such visitors as desire the service, something of the beauty and wonder, the inspiration and spiritual meaning that lie behind what the visitor can with his senses perceive.” Such is true of the Camp Blount Historical Site, and with the assistance of the Tennessee Wars Commission, the Camp Blount Historic Site Association, and the generosity of the residents of Lincoln County and other donors, the vital work of historical interpretation and preservation is underway at Camp Blount.


First initiated in 2011 by Fred Prouty of the TN Wars Commission and Lincoln County Executive Jerry Mansfield, the Camp Blount became a historic site in 2017. Through state grants and local support, the precious few undeveloped acres of the Camp Blount mustering site have been purchased and pieces of the overall master plan are coming together. The overall interpretive plan for the site consists of a visitor’s center with museum/gift shop and instructional classroom area, three pedestrian trails with wayside markers, a large pavilion, and the Volunteer Plaza containing the Volunteer Statue. The Camp Blount Historic Site Association began as a group dedicated to the creation of an interpretive park. In 2018, this group officially chartered as the CBHSA and registered as a 501(C)3 non-profit with a mission to protect the remnants of the site, preserve its historical value, and bring its rich history to the public. The CBHSA envisions a park providing opportunities to learn, enjoy the outdoors, and enrich the lives of visitors by inspiring family outings, school field trips, and living history programs that immerse visitors in the experience of those that mustered as troops and supported military efforts in various ways for almost a century.

Camp Blount Historic
Site Association
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Camp Blount Park is located at
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